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What is Voip?
(Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a technology that enables Viper Network's users make telephone calls over the internet.
What is a Vphone?
VPhone device is manufactured by Viper Networks and connects to your computerthrough a USB port. This allows you to make phone calls on the global network of VoipVipers to a significantly lower cost than international phone calls, local and other methods ofconnection, (cell).

Calls between vPhone are FREE of charge (if both users have at least U $ S 10charged in any case) as well as to any phone number worldwide including mobile phones.The vPhone works in conjunction with the Dialer Program vPhone. The vPhone can bepurchased through Branded SA, representative and direct importer for Argentina andChile of Viper Networks Inc. / CA / USA.
What is the Vphone Dialer Program?
The vPhone dialer program has been developed by Viper Networks so that when usedwith a vPhone allows calls through Internet. The program must be downloaded, installed and configured to work properly, and the purchaser must first activate your account with Viper Networks. The most current version of the program dialer is always available for download on the internet:
Can I use the dialer program with other telephones rather than Vphone?
Viper Networks does not guarantee to use the program developed specifically for ourvPhone by other devices from other manufacturers. Also the program only works as longas the user has an account with Viper Networks.
What have I got to pay to be able to use Vphone?
You do not have to pay fees, taxes and monthly fees to use your vPhone. Calls are charged per minute, charges that vary according to the country where you are calling from. Customers prepay for minutes in their accounts with Viper Networks. When you get your vPhone you will receive a number "VIN".  Remember, here there is no long distance, that means there are no restrictions on which country you are calling. Calls are charged only on the country to which you call. For example, if you are in Argentina and you call to Japan you will pay the fee shown for Japan, if you are in Japan and you call to Argentina you will pay the fee set for Argentina.

Rates can change and are always at your disposal at: under the name of  "price list call or call pricing"
Can I use my Vphone with Dial up?
Yes. VPhone can be used with internet connection broadband, dial up, wireless, and the installation is exactly the same.



What VIN is?
The VIN is a number that clients use to obtain your account with Viper Networks to make calls from your vPhone. The VIN contains 8 alphanumeric characters and is the stamp after each vPhone (or its box). The letters "VIN"before the number are not part of the key itself.

The number "case sensitive" is the number that the customer uses the phone andactivate an account once purchased. To enable activation visit our website at: If you are having problems with the VIN number you are entering, make sure you enter it in the correct area, which does not place the VIN letters before the number, and not entering spaces or incorrect characters. If you believe you are doing everything correctly and still can not run the VIN, the support of Viper Networks has additional VIN numbers at your disposal.
Which is my telephonic number?
You will receive a phone number beginning with area code 544, this number is obtained when the customer enters the VIN and activates the account. This number can be used toreceive calls from another vPhone but can not, for now receive direct calls from anyother regular mobile telephony. 

To receive calls from a telephone line or mobile, the local or international the caller must first dial 1-641-982-2000 44-870-801-0390 USA or Europe and then enter your 10-digit personal number of your VPhone device.
What is a PIN?
The PIN is your personal identification number that allows you to access your account information so as to see the details of calls made to load minutes to your account forfuture calls to other phones that are not vPhone (calls between vPhone have no charge). To access your account go to with your assigned PIN. The pin must be between 6 or 8 digit numeric and contains no letters or spaces.
What happens if I lose my PIN?
An automated system will provide another. Visit: click on "forgot your PIN" and be sure tohave your vPhone number and email address you used when registering.
What happens of I lose my Vphone number and my account data?
Please send us your name, address, regular phone line, approximate date of activationwith the title in the mail "lost account information " to support@vipernetworks.comindicating that you have lost your information.
Have I got to enter my e-mail adress?
Yes. The system will verify the accuracy of their data with valid e-mail. Viper does nottransfer or trade your e-mail with other sources or institutions. Viper will use your address only to send the data you have lost.
If I do not know my minimum requirement? (my computer)?
You do not need the information to create your account. But we recommend you knowthe operating system used, type of internet connection, and if it is a desktop or laptop. If you are unsure of an answer, leave it as it appears on the account settings.
What about Firewall?
A firewall is a protective device or software to prevent unauthorized users from enteringyour computer. If you are unsure check this option to "NO" when installing the dialer program (Dialer). In the future you can change this option.


GENERAL DIALER Vphone (Dialer software)

How do I install the dialer program?

Your Vphone will work properly only after:

  1. You have created an account with your VIN number
  2. Your telephone has been connected to a USB port properly
  3. The dialer program has already been installed

Visit: and click on the button"Download vPhone dialer", choose "open" and the program will install automatically. The VPhone icon will appear on your desktop.

Can I connect my Vphone to a multiport USB device?
Yes, the vPhone can beconnected to a powered USB or directly to your computer USB port.
Which are the requirements for Vphone?
Your vPhone and vPhone program use Microsoft technology.

From Windows 98 SE onwards. VPhone does not work with Windows 95 or Mac operating systems
Does Vphone work in Apple computers?
Will I get an installation CD?
No. The most current version of vPhone dialer program isalwaysavailable at: well as all the installation instructionsand other tools.


USING Vphone

How do I enter my Vphone for the first time?
The first time you use your phone, you will need to enter your assigned telephone number and PIN that you selected. This will be carried out by double clicking the icon on your desktop Viper networks after the dialer program was downloaded and installed.
Why can't I call 0800/800 or other free call numbers?
At the moment vPhone can not make such calls because the companies that have toll-free lines can not trace your call.
Can a regular telephone or cellphone call my Vphone?
Yes. The caller must first dial the central numbers and then the Viper Networks vPhone number (see "What is my phone number" in this report.)
How do I dial my calls?
USA: Dial 1 + area code + telephone number. Rest of World Dial011 + Country Code + area code + phone number.


1) Dial directly from your phone as usual.


2) Type the number from your PC

Always use 1 + area code + number for local calls


011 + country code + area phone number for international calls

Press the green button "send" to call or the red button "end" to finish

If you hear an echo on your calls, it is because you have set the microphone and speaker volume too high.

Can Vphone work behind a Router /Firewall?
Yes, the vPhone is designed to work behind routers / firewalls without priorconfiguration.